Request for Proposal 

The Wisconsin Towns Association is excited to announce that it is accepting proposals for the website design, development, installation, integration and deployment of a new website.   Potential providers must be a Wisconsin-based company that have a significant history in multi-phased website design and development, that have substantial experience working with governmental units and related organizations, and that have the documented abilities and staff to implement result-oriented strategies on time and within budget.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this project, please view the following Request for Proposal for more details.  Thank you for your interest!

2017 Convention Materials 

Transportation Aids Cost Munual - GTA Information - Upcoming Dates - GTA

The Uniform Dwelling Code and the Department of Safety and Professional Services - DSPS

Attracting Millennials

Public Notices

An Aging Workforce: Challenges and Solutions

Road Life Cycle Budget Scenarios

Long Range Road Maintenance and Reconstruction Budget Forecasting

Sample Survey Letter for Budget Forecasting


Powerful Employment Models Deliver Bottom Line Results

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Dec 14, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Dec 14, 2017, Thu 07:00pm
Dec 19, 2017, Tue 07:00pm