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WTA creates a wide array of educational opportunities on pertinent topics for town officials.  A three-day Convention is held annually in the fall of the year.  A series of District Meetings are held across the state during the latter half of winter.  Ad hoc daylong seminars are created as necessary or desired.  At the grassroots level, regularly held County Unit Meetings typically feature guest speakers as arranged by the unit’s chairperson, to include WTA Staff and outside officials affecting town operations.  WTA also co-sponsors educational opportunities with various other professional organizations, such as workshops and WisLine programs with the University of Wisconsin-Extension Local Government Center, and much more. 

See below for more information about a current or past educational opportunity:

2016 Convention Materials 

Mobile Applications to Streamline Road Maintenance
Presented by: Todd Halvorson & Andy Zimmer, MSA Professional Services

Data Breach Risks
Presented by: Bill Kriese, Rural Mutual Insurance 

The Invasives Are Coming
Presented by: Mike Hillstrom & Bernie Williams, WI DNR

Understanding and Collecting Personal Property Tax
Presented by: Atty. Philip Freeburg, UWEX Local Government Center

Developer Agreements
Presented by: Atty. Rick Manthe, WTA Legal Counsel

Rural Economic Opportunities
Barn Adaptive Reuse Summaries
Rural Economic Opportunities Support Materials 
Presented by: Ken Jaworski, Martenson & Eisele Inc.

Recycling Requirements for Town Responsible Units 
Presented by: Jennifer Semrau & Angela Carey, WI DNR

Recreational Trails
Presented by: Tom Beekman, WI DOT

Recreational Trails
Presented by: Cameron Bump, WI DNR

Crude Oil by Rail
Presented by: Brian Satula, WI Emergency Management 

Rebecca Ryan's E-Book Links:

ReGENERATION A Manifesto for America’s Future Leaders - https://www.dropbox.com/s/oval50y48z4j4d1/ReGENERATION_Final.pdf?dl=0

Live First Work Second - https://www.dropbox.com/s/8cgus8565oex5re/LFWS_eBook.pdf?dl=0

WisLine Programs

WisLine homepage
UW-Extension Local Government Center hosted teleconferences on a variety of topics with statewide locations.

Free Powerpoint Webinars Available from DOJ 
on Open Meetings & Public Records Law

The Wisconsin Department of Justice has recently made available additional materials on its open government webpage. These now include powerpoints and powerpoint webinars on the topics of open meetings law and public records law, respectively. Please CLICK HERE to go to this DOJ webpage.


Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities

Please CLICK HERE to see a 44 page pdf guidebook titled "Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities." It contains information on housing, transportation, environmental and economic matters.